Let me admire you.

Hands off my flowers!


Laurie is doing well in school.

You will never defeat me!

A deep sigh was Ethel's only response.

You need not have a haircut right now.

It's annoying when people make out at work.


I don't have the faintest idea.


My uncle blew in from Kobe.


We have just a few more questions.


This isn't the time or the place to do that.


They don't have those in Norway.

I drank a very hot double espresso at the coffee shop this morning.

William has a tendency to misplace things.

To a large extent this is a healthy attitude to have.

Jarl gave Rees everything she asked for.

The poet and novelist were both present at the meeting.

I can drive you.


Unless Japan eliminates its unfair tariffs, the U.S. will impose sanctions.

Be prompt to do what is asked.

I know I've told you this before.

You'll go to school tomorrow.

You've got nothing to apologize for.

They are great friends.

I feel ashamed for living on now.

May I request a favour of you?

I'm not an astrologer.


There's someone waiting for me outside.

Tiefenthal called to say he would be late.

If I had enough money, I could buy this book.

We tried to stop you.

Hartmann has come here to help us.

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I love you more than ever.

You promised that you would be there last night.

Being awake is the opposite of being asleep.

It's your own fault.

Did you want to kill them?


Eat snow.


Calculus was developed by Newton and Leibniz independently.

Her new hairstyle covers her ears.

I eat Chinese food once in a blue moon.

Don't do anything you might regret.

Thanks for helping them.

My house is only five minutes' walk from the station.

I've got to go.

Elizabeth is playing the violin now.

Watch your step in going down the stairs.

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Vishal can probably tell you where Molly is.

Exercise improves health.

He is sitting cross-legged.

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I'll find Belinda myself.

They will survive.

You might have to eat those words a few years from now.

Promise me you won't get mad if I tell you.

Nichael's speech was really funny.

Is this seat empty?

I don't plan on doing that.

I feel so alive right now.

I always liked strange personalities.

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Mike, don't walk away when I'm talking to you.

I made this gratin using yesterday's leftovers. It tastes pretty good, doesn't it?

I have a reservation, my name is Kaori Yoshikawa. Here's my confirmation card.

I think Hienz would make a good teacher.

He's a bit lively.


When Yuri Gagarin took off in Vostok 1, he was an Air Force lieutenant. When he landed, he was a major.

I wore sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun.

Those whose sins are forgiven are deemed to be sinless that they may find the way to heaven.


I want to go somewhere quiet.

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Let's find out what Karl wants us to do.

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She's looking for a better job.

I can't tell you anything yet.

Which one is easier?

How kind you are!

I was wondering if Raymond and Dion are dating.

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Let me worry about that.

Takeshi hopes to go to London to study English.

She has not come here yet.

In England they have much rain at this time of the year.

I think he likes me.


Yes, he did. He really looked like a doctor.

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Some dreams do come true.


Who told you to do that?


I couldn't be more proud.

Salzburg dumplings are sweet as love and tender as a kiss.

I would like to thank you for your collaboration.


We add new examples to Tatoeba.

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She revealed her secret to us.

I think you should be careful.

Bernard seldom gets angry.

You've done enough already.

I love her perfume.

The moon revolves around the earth.

How's it going to happen?

His ideas never fetched him a nickel.

The enemy attack ended at dawn.


I'll let you study.

We told the waiter that everything was delicious.

What did he say this time?

Will Barney be OK?

All the friends that I sent invitations to came to the party.

I am in favor of helping the prosperity of all countries because, when we are all prosperous, the trade of each becomes more valuable to the other.

Write your answer with a pen.

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As of 2012, Maggi Seasoning is 125 years old.

We can't do anything about that problem at this time.

I have no idea of letting the house.

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If you get lost in the street, ask a policeman.

You're doing it ass backwards.

Many couples these days are having divorce ceremonies, complete with divorce vows, conducted by professional civil celebrants.


He's charming, funny and intelligent.

He got done for match-fixing.

Loren wants to talk to all of us.

He has accumulated quite a collection of books.

I love peace. Isn't peace wonderful?


I think we should talk to Ima.

Which table?

Sorry, he is not here.


You're in serious trouble.


What did Jeanne do for you?

He beat on a drunken man with his stick.

Dylan didn't go upstairs.

Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

I love the sound of her name.

Do you have anyone to look up to?

We must trust women as much as we can trust the weather.

Ric made his bed.

The pool is empty.

In her youth, my mother was very beautiful.

He's a very healthy person.

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Manavendra found that he actually liked working for Fletcher.


You look nice in that dress.

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I really want to be happy.

Iron is tempered by heating and sudden cooling.

I didn't kill The.


I can't keep pace with your plan.

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May I speak with you a moment?


In 1807, Robert Morrison, the first British Protestant missionary to China arrived in Guangzhou.


What're you all dressed up for?

Walter Mondale ran for President.

He is aching to go abroad.

Raising a child is a big job.

I told you everything I remember.


Come over any time.


The law is on our side.


Please change the sentence.


Why did you agree to help Charley?

I can't be killed so easily.

I miss high school.

Those women are strong.

Radishes aren't difficult to grow.


We have five days to go before the summer vacation.


The measurements need to be precise.

As far as I know, this is the latest edition.

What does it cost?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Though the Hinamatsuri was originally for both boys and girls, it is now just for girls.